Community Through Making: From Peru to New Mexico

    COMMUNITY THROUGH MAKING: FROM PERU TO NEW MEXICO January 6, 2019 – May 3, 2020 During the spring and summer of 2018, the museum hosted three groups of artists and activists from Peru in conjunction with the exhibition Crafting Memory: The Art of Community in Peru. During these 10-day residencies they worked with groups of local artists to explore how art shapes healthy and vibrant communities. This exhibition is the result of follow-up workshops where participants determined what they want to communicate with the broader public and how the work should be displayed.   COMUNIDAD A TRAVÉS DE LA CREACIÓN: DE PERÚ A NUEVO MÉXICO 6 de enero del 2019 – 3 de mayo del 2020 Durante la primavera y el verano del 2018, en conjunto con la exhibición Crafting Memory: The Art of Community en Perú, el museo recibió a tres grupos de artistas y activistas de Perú. Durante estos 10 días de residencia, los huéspedes de Perú trabajaron con grupos de artistas locales para explorar cómo el arte da forma a comunidades saludables y vibrantes. Esta exhibición es el resultado de talleres de seguimiento donde los participantes determinaron lo que quieren comunicar al público y cómo exponer el trabajo.   Exhibition Team/ Equipo de Exposición Amy Groleau, Curator of Latin American Collections Patricia Sigala, Educator/Community Outreach Chloe Accardi, Community Engagement Coordinator Leslie Fagre, Director of Education Kemely Gomez, Bilingual Educator Bryan Johnson-French, Preparator Autumn Leach and Monica Meehan, Graphic Designers