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Five D Media is dedicated to your success, delivering Matterport™ 3D Virtual Tours and HDR Photography that help you achieve your goals with ease.

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About Five D Media

Five D Focus is dedicated to your success, delivering Matterport™ 3D Virtual Tours and HDR Photography that help you achieve your goals with ease.

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"[Five D Media] has an eye for detail and is about capturing the best of all that our listings have to offer."

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Judy Witt Camp

“Professional and highly recommended. The 3D technology by Matterport is fantastic. In addition, [Five D Media] gets the job done quickly and efficiently. They are willing to go above and beyond detailed customer experience or provide an efficient inexpensive option as well. Don't hesitate, use Five D Media for your virtual tour needs!”

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Ned Jacobs

“[Five D Media and their] Matterport virtual tours have brought an invaluable contribution to the marketing of my listings...Lisa Hinson is a pleasure to work with; she is a champion for me, the agent and the seller. [Five D Media] is a down to earth professional and go above and beyond your expectations to deliver this amazing marketing tool.”

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Val Brier

“Working with [Five D Media] on the 3D imaging of the New Mexico History Museum's virtual exhibitions was a pleasant and rewarding experience. Lisa Hinson captured thousands of square feet of exhibition space in an impressively short period of time. We are very grateful to Lisa for her photographic services and expertise in creating our virtual exhibitions available on our website.”

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Cathy Notarnicola

Bring Your

Space To Life

Five D Media provides captivating HDR Photography and Matterport™ 3D Virtual Tours, igniting your viewer’s imagination. Your partner in success, we bring dedication and efficiency to your project.


Captivate Your Viewers

We provide multiple avenues to fully immerse yourself into a space, both expansive and intimate, from 3D virtual tours to fly-in experiences to overlaying floorplans.


At The Right Pace

Hand over the controls to your audience through self-paced 3D virtual tours, complete with highlighted “stops.” From property listings to museum exhibitions, we provide a smooth and seamless walk-through experience.


Let Light Play

Capture your space in its best light through stunning HDR photography. Allow interior and exterior light to shine simultaneously, highlighting the true beauty of your property.


Authenticity Shines

Reveal new perspectives and create an authentic viewing experience for your audience. We are experts in identifying and capturing the natural beauty and depth of your space.


Show Off The Periphery

We know that properties are more than just interior space. Five D Media beautifully captures exteriors—from gardens to mountain views, to neighborhood charm—generating interest and value.


A Touch Of The Dramatic

Impress viewers by adding a little moxie to your property with Twilight images, increasing appeal with little extra cost. This high-impact photography goes a long way in expanding interest in your property.


Accentuate Character

We magnum test prop 100 actively seek out the unique qualities of your rental property, highlighting the charming details that dazzle.

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