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Matterport did to Real Estate what Google Street View™ did to Maps.


If you’ve not yet viewed one of these amazing 24/7 Virtual Open houses, you can do so here.

There is a 8.3125% GRT (NM tax) added to every project. (effective June 1, 2017)
Pricing is simple:

$100 + .10 a square foot.


Possible add-ons:

  • The most amazing ADD-ON you can imagine!  Stunning videos
  • We are also offering single property websites (see an example) Additional $50 (included with a Regular Matterport Scan)
  • 2D Floor Plans included with every Regular Matterport Scan
  • Embed Video, Audio and more into your Matterport Spaces! Read about it here  Consider adding a YouTube video or an audio narrative to your space.


POSSIBLE REAL ESTATE EMBEDS:  Read the article above and see there are so many possibilities!

  • You can now showcase far more about a home, giving potential homebuyers even more reasons to be excited by the virtual tour:
  • Enable buyers to learn more about the kitchen appliances by linking to product reviews.
  • Give users the freedom to explore the neighborhood by embedding Street View on the front door or the driveway.
  • Got a drone video?  Let users fly off the back porch and see what lies beyond!
  • Draw buyers’ attention to the special features of each room with an audio narration.
  • Is there a separate guest house?  Embed that model directly in the Matterport model so they can take a quick look around and then return to the main model.