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The minute I saw Lisa Hinson’s virtual tour of the house I knew we had to have it.  Between the time I first saw the listing and the following weekend when we flew out to see it with our realtor, I had studied every inch of the house and property many times. The actual walk-thru simply confirmed what we had already seen by virtue of the impressive Matterport technology. The video literally sold the house!  When I reached out to Lisa to request a copy of the video, she responded immediately and made it happen.  We couldn’t be happier.  Thank you, Lisa!

Sincerely and most gratefully,
Marjorie Sanders


We are SO pleased with the photography. [address] immediately reached 80 people and have already looked at it!

Lise Knouse

“Well I’ll be damned! It’s one thing to walk around a property you aren’t that familiar with. It’s a complete hoot to see something I know so intimately like this. Wow! Thank You Lisa!”

Clare Grace Maraist


Lisa, Words cannot describe how amazing this is! Thank you for spending so much time, it is perfect. The fly in is crazy amazing too! Is it possible to add that to our tour?

David C.

This is truly a virtual tour like you’ve never seen before.

Lisa Hinson is doing an impressive job around town with Matterport virtual tours. Just incredible! This is a fabulous video tool that differentiates your home from others and makes it stand out. The benefits are many and improve the over all experience of brokers, buyers, and sellers by letting them walk through the home virtually. Turn around time? Fast Fast Fast!! Customer service? Lisa is delightful and your satisfaction is her top priority.

Matterport has impressive technology that creates an outstanding user experience by giving them a “5D Walkabout”. Viewers get a better sense of the home’s proportions, which helps buyers make a decision earlier in the process. This is especially useful with out of town buyers who are unable to physically be at the property, opening up a way for them to take a close look at the home.   You actually enter the home and walk from room to room, you don’t just view individual photographs (although she gives you those too). What a great selling tool.

Thank you Lisa for making my listing so accessible to viewers, while showing the beauty of the property. The home seller is absolutely thrilled with the full tour and thinks I’m fabulous. What did I do right? I called Lisa Hinson! I will be using her services again and again. This is better than any simple photography session.

All in all, Lisa Hinson AND Matterport technology are just plain COOL! Love them both!


Debra Liggett, Associate Broker, Keller Williams Realty | Santa Fe, 505.577.6196


We recently had our home photographed by Lisa Hinson, Chief Photographer, 5D Photography. She was promptly ‘on time’ which seems to be a rarity in Santa Fe, but more importantly she was amazingly competent and professional. The ‘dollhouse view’ walk through of our home turned out to be incredibly accurate and even though she patiently explained to us how it all works, the end result seems nothing short of magical witchcraft or some other unexplained phenomenon. Upon completion of the 3D mapping, Lisa continued her talented display of creativity utilizing angles and lighting to capture all of the beautiful aspects and unique nuances of our home that we have always loved. She never appeared to be rushed at any point of the process and her attention to detail is obvious in the end result. We received multiple emails from her during the day updating us on her progress and enabling us to see the finished product as soon as it was completed. We feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such a gifted photographer and if we do have any misgivings about her artistry, it would only be that her view of our home makes it a little bit harder to say goodbye. Lisa Hinson is a consummate professional and the cutting edge technology she masters is second to none…..Beyond highly recommended!!

Cary & Ghita H

I’ve worked with Lisa on several projects and am amazed at the response from my clients.

Val Brier

It looks meticulously rendered! Fantastically intuitive on my phone, I could tour the house by double tapping on the room I want to be in, then do a 360!

anonymous visitor on the website

Lisa, Your photography is beautiful.

Linda C