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[row][column size=’col-md-4′ ] 14 millers-end santa fe nm 87508

14 Millers End

[/column] [column size=’col-md-4′ ] 12 avenida de rey travis ranch

12 Avenida De Rey

[/column][column size=’col-md-4′ ] 1067 bishops lodge road santa fe nm

1067 Bishops Lodge


[row][column size=’col-md-4′ ] 1861 sun mountain drive santa fe nm

1861 Sun Mountain Drive

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Hottest Neighborhood in Santa Fe – ALDEA

[/column][column size=’col-md-4′ ] 57 don jose loop

57 Don Jose Loop

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The Latest Technology

There are a lot of things out there people are saying are “must haves” however just a tap on this and you realize 7 minutes later you have been immersed. That’s right studies show that even a low interest viewer will play with your property for at least 7 minutes. Experience our latest property marketing by clicking on the media on this page.

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Things to Consider


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Fly-In Video

This shows off the property in relation to the street its on and the neighborhood. This gives them another perspective that typical media can’t offer![/column][column size=’col-md-4′ ] matterport3-300x203-150x150

User Generated SMO Tools

SMO means Social Media Optimization. If a picture is worth a thousand words THIS is priceless. We not only give you the ability to attract, present and retain potential home buyers, we get those users to provide “user generated SEO” to your listings, website and branding.[/column][column size=’col-md-4′ ] portfolio_4-150x150

Presentation Tools

Two open houses use two different approaches. One they hand out a brochure and by the end of the day the shopper has forgotten most about the property. The other? The brochure visitors leave with includes a web link that takes them to a 24/7 extended open house virtual walk through that they can see over and over and over. While the other open houses they went to that day are being forgotten YOUR property is being seen more and more and shared with family and friends across the world. We offer listing websites, floor plans, Fly in video, drone, HD photos, Facebook Autoplay Viral Videos and more. Ask us how we give you tools no one else is using yet. Contact Us Today![/column][/row]


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