Introducing “Zamara” at Zocalo in Santa Fe

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Perched on the steep slopes of Northwest Santa Fe, Zocalo is a unique living environment, where Santa Fe’s natural wonders intersect with impressive design. Zocalo occupies nearly 50 acres, with beautiful mountain views. Our residents share a love for the unique architecture, and Santa Fe living that is convenient and accessible. These plazas define neighborhoods within the larger community, and Zocalo residents share a deep sense of value for their surroundings and neighbors. The community attracts a wide range of residents who desire the Santa Fe lifestyle, and value the design. The community is a combination of full and part-time residents, from retirees to working professionals from Santa Fe and Los Alamos, and families with children.

  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 3
  • Square Footage 1,950 SF Total heated living area


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Introducing “Zamara” at Zocalo in Santa Fe